Hibarin is

Stylish katsu, Rice Bowl & Noodle…
Meet the world’s first stylish katsu!
Stylish katsu Café Hibarin

Hibarin is a modern Asian bistro café
With a motif of Hinoki forest and a Hinoki aging concept known for natural antimicrobial phytoncide.
A modern space that serves high-quality premium katsu.

Come with friends and loved ones.
Enjoy a good meal at a café-like restaurant with cozy atmosphere.
Experience a sense of healing at Hibarin in the heart of a busy city.

Hibarin Menu

Katsu steak

Crazy size bone-in tonkatsu steak that is bigger than the size of your face!

Black katsu

Enjoy unique katsu dishes made with squid ink and black cacao bread crumbs only at Hibarin!

Pollock roe cheese katsu

An eye-catching and mouthwatering dish popular with ladies! Paring of cheese-roll katsu and the highest grade low-salt pollock roe!

Beef hamburger katsu

Hibarin’s way of idea changeover – fill up a katsu with beef. Korea’s first hamburger steak katsu that is juicy inside and crisp on the outside.

Katsu Sandwich

Korea’s only hand-beaten katsu- sandwich! Tri-color made with tonkatsu, shrimp, and tamago

Avocado Salmon Rice

The trendiest rice bowl! Rice bowl made with the best combination of super foods+ super food avocado + salmon

Wasabi Shrimp Roll

Hibarin’s crazy roll with fresh shrimps inside

Kung Pao Noodle

Hibarin’s creative way of pairing kung pao with noodles

Hibarin Lunch Box

It’s all about premium with luxury package and thick katsu from jumbo shrimp katsu to fresh fish katsu! Delivery and takeout also available! You can enjoy Hibarin dishes served at the restaurant at home!

2F, 382, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea / (zip code) 06232

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