We will continue the vision of Kalisco

Kalisco right people

A passionate person who contemplates company strategies, suggests ideas, and takes action


Attitude of modestly learning and embracing ideas of others instead of insisting one’s own know-hows


Being responsible by doing one’s best for R&R in charge


A person who understands another person’s position through a considerate communication

Application procedure

Application submission

Document screening

Personality test



Application period :

Now hiring career employees for Kalisco Co., Ltd.(2019.03.01~)
Tel : 82-2-6966-9467,9471

HR management

Welfare / support policy for employees
  • Salary : annual income system, monthly salary payment
  • Incentive : Performance-based piece wage
  • Extension of statutory allowance application: holiday and nighttime statutory allowance
  • Promotion system: MBO evaluation and pick-out promotion
  • Reward system: Monthly / quarterly / semiannual / annual rewards
  • Family events : Expenditure and vacation for congratulations and condolences
  • Medical checkups : Legal checkups and medical cost support
  • Gifts : Holiday or anniversary gifts
  • 20% employee discount at all stores
  • Other support : Personal corporate card, lunch, night time transportation, and education expense support

Training Program

Systematic training system supports consistent growth

New Employee Program

Early strategy training for new employees

Competency Upgrade Program

Job position training for improvement of job competence

Promotion Candidate Program

Competence training for managers and DM candidates

High Performer Program

Competence training for high-performance employees

Service Academy

Reinforcement of service competitiveness, Corporate-wide training

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Tenant Proposal & Franchise Inquiry

‘Easy to Cook’Product Purchase & Special Sales Inquiry

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