About Saboten

Grand opening of Tokyo Shinjyuku store in 1966
Japanese original tonkatsu restaurant

Saboten means “cactus” in Spanish

Shinjyuku tonkatsu restaurant Saboten was created with desire for eternal vitality of cactus

Since the grand opening of Tokyo Shinjyuku store in 1966, we have reproduced the original taste of Japanese tonkatsu using aged pork, bread crumbs, pure plant oil, and special sauce.

The tonkatsu sauce mixed with sesame seed was first started by Saboten and you will find a perfect harmony of thick aged pork, crispy bread crumbs, tasteful sesame sauce, and refreshing yuzu dressing only at Saboten.

Saboten's secret recipe

Jeonnam Goheung yuzu salad sauce

Salad dressing with aroma and taste of high-quality yuzu grown in Goheung, JeollaNamdo

50-year-old secret recipe of bread crumbs

Soft but crispy bread crumbs made from 50-year-old secret recipe

Fry oil with 0% trans-fat

0% trans-fat! Korea’s first tonkatsu fry oil that is changed every day for clean and light taste

192-hour aged pork

Soft grade 1 pork aged for 192 hours using state-of-the-art aging technology

Tonkatsu Sauce (5 Fruits & Wine)

Special tonkatsu sauce that intensifies the tonkatsu flavor with sweetness from 5 types of fruit and red wine aroma

Japanese original homemade recipe

Hand-beaten pork cutlet made with Japanese craftsmanship that brings out the original flavor of Japanese tonkatsu


Mozzarella Cheese Katsu

World’s First! Global leader Saboten Korea’s Cheese Katsu

Color Cheese Katsu

Color cheese made with premium gouda cheese, tomatoes, and basil! Upgrades the level of Korean cheese katsu once again.

Saboten Special Cutlet Set

Jumbo shrimp katsu made with Saboten’s unique know-hows outstands the taste and quality of previous deep-fried shrimp dishes! Enjoy the crunchy and crisp texture with savory taste.

Pollock roe cheese katsu

An eye-catching dish popular with ladies! Paring of cheese-roll katsu and the highest grade low-salt pollock roe!

Sirloin/Tenderloin Katsu

The Best texture and taste created from the 3.5cm thickness and Japanese hand-beaten craftsman method


Crazy Visual! Enjoy the jumbo shrimp katsu with the special donburi sauce made with Kalisco’s 18 years of know-hows!

Katsu Curry Udon/Rice

The standard of curry! Special recipe made with Kalisco’s 18 years of know-hows. Curry sauce that goes well with every dish from tonkatsu, rice, and noodles!

Euringy & Chiller Soba

Only Saboten! It’s all about creative collaborations. Saboten’s best seller that changes the paradigm of katsu,


Luxury package, thick katsu, crazy jumbo shrimp katsu and fresh fish katsu! Also available for delivery and takeout! Enjoy the dishes served at Saboten restaurants at home!

Katsu Sandwich

Korea’s only hand-beaten katsu sandwich! Tricolor of tonkatsu, shrimp, and tamago.

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